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Joel M. Tolmich Managing Director Micro Computer Support & Services Since 1982. Videography & Web Design. http://wehelpu.biz Resume in PDF format Web Design Worksheet
Parmesan Sales Director Parmesan takes phone calls well, but he'll probably spell your name wrong. Sorry.
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Joel Tolmich, President/Owner started his computer career in 1983, when he became one of only 200 Certified E-COM Carriers in the United States approved by the US. Postal Service to transmit Electronic - Computer Originated Mail. By 1985 he was doing consulting in the area of office automation for such companies as the Detroit Free Press, Wayne State University, and Allied Automotive. He was also employed from 1985 to 1988 by Electronic Data Systems, a multi-national company formerly owned by Ross Perot. Employed by GoDaddy.com from Dec. 2006 to July 2009, Joel took support and sales inbound phone calls. Supporting 40 to 50 callers a day reaching twice the required sales almost daily. Having years of personal experience creating Web Sites, he was able to help a prospect visualize their designs, and then help them get their hosting started. Dec. 1990 - Current, Operated a storefront; later office, Computer Training, Consulting, and Graphics facility. Provided training in many applications including Communications, Database, Desk Top Publishing, and today’s Xara Web Designer 10 Premium.
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